Buy a Used iPad or New… That is the question!

Buy a Used iPad or New… That is the question!buy a used ipad or new

Make no mistake about it, the iPad is one serious piece of kit. It has everything you could want packed in to a small but powerful package. Whether you want to listen music, watch videos, browse the web, play games, or snap some photos, the technology is right there at your fingertips.

First released in 2010, the iPad first generation was a huge hit. Moving on through the years, new releases with ever increasing features and performance were served up to us and everyone wanted the latest model. In fact, some of the latest model iPads are more powerful than some laptops or PCs, yet all managed to be squeezed in to a compact, sleek, and stunning looking tablet weighing less than 750 grams!


So, what can the iPad do for me?

Well let’s look at some of the iPads features below. These are just a few of the enormous capabilities the iPad has.

The App Store – A place for everything you need.

The App store was first introduced by Apple in 2008. Anything from games to cooking recipes, music to shopping, the App store makes your iPad totally customisable to your needs. Anything you want, there is a very good chance there will be an app for it. Just browse the App store, download it to your iPad and make your iPad your own.

Apple Music – Entertainment at your request.

Apple has its own music library of millions or songs which you can stream to your iPad. Simply browse the app, type in what you want to listen to and away you go, instant streaming. No more CD’s, just music on demand anywhere you want.

As well as Apple music, Amazon have their own music streaming library. A free service for Prime members and a paid service monthly allowing access to over 40 million songs. Just download the app to your iPad and sign in and your away. Why not try out Amazon Prime too and get your shopping delivered the next day free.



Browse the web with ease

Browsing the web with the iPad is a seamless experience. Whether it’s the kids doing their homework, or you browsing for your next holiday, things come alive on the iPads screen right in front of you. Its vivid colours and snappy performance means you can switch from one thing to the next without any loss of performance. The iPad is really made for the multi-tasking personal or business needs.

So, now you want to buy an iPad, should you buy a used iPad or new?

So, you want to buy an iPad but I hear you say “wait! Aren’t they expensive?”

Well the answer is simply, YES, if you buy a new one that is.  But you can save yourself a fortune if you buy a used iPad rather than a new one. Buying a used iPad doesn’t mean it performs any less. You will get the same features, performance and stability on a used iPad that you would get on a new one. The only difference is the price, buy a used iPad instead of a new one and get it up to 40% cheaper. So, if you don’t mind that very feint little mark to the casing, or you’re looking to save a fortune buy a used iPad today.

All our used iPad are fully tested, verified and cleaned and restored and come with free UK delivery, and come with a no hassle 30 day returns warranty.  Visit our iPad shop today to see what stunning used iPads we have in stock now



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