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Warranty Information

Your purchase from us comes with a warranty period which covers against any hardware or software faults for a set period. This will either be 6 Months or 12 Months. Items listed under our retro phones category and devices listed with a known minor faulty of which doesn’t severely impact the usage of the device  come with a 6 Month warranty. In the case of an item sold with a known minor fault, the known fault is excluded from any warranty. All other items listed on our site come with a 12 Month warranty.

The warranty covers hardware or software faults or defects for the duration of the stated warranty applicable to your product from date of purchase. If you encounter any issues with your product, please contact us to raise a claim providing as much detail of the issue as possible. Once we approve your request, please backup and reset your device and return it to us at the address below along with a note of the issue and your order number.

PO Box 1428

The warranty excludes but not limited to instances of accidental damage, screen cracks or damage, water or liquid damage or anything occurring because of excessive use.

Items that naturally degrade over time such as batteries are not covered under warranty.

The warranty also does not cover the device if there has been an attempted repair to the device and this will void the warranty we provide. Security markings will be checked upon device arrival with us.  We reserve the right to refuse a repair if any contravention of terms has been found and repairs will be at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to repair rather than replace under the terms of your warranty. If a repair is not a viable solution, a replacement device will be sent or refund in the last instance. If we send you a replacement, the warranty continues and does not extend from the new date of replacement.

All devices will have serial numbers and IMEI logged in our system. Only the device we send out to you is eligible under this warranty.

We reserve the right to decline false or fraudulent claims and further reserve the right to take legal/civil action against fraudulent returns and report the action to the relevant authorities. We reserve the right to add an item to the global blacklist which will render a device unusable should any attempts or fraud take place.